swimming in honey

The elements of this installation offer a window into psychological states where fixations, indifference, denial, bodily discomfort, desire, and disgust coexist. Covered in vaseline and fingerprints, the residing glass object represents not just the weighted burden of material things but also the burden of the dysphoric body. The repetitious fidgeting performed in the video is unending. The resulting accumulation is a simulated mass represented as an image; a tangible substance becomes multiplied, flattened, and printed. The title swimming in honey suggests both action and affectation; a disarming sensation caused by a shift from indulgent to oppressive.
1. Large format black and white print
2. Projector
3. Video
4. Glass
5. Wax
6. Petroleum Jelly
7. Pine Tar
VCU Candidacy Exhibition
Murray Street Warehouses
Richmond, Va

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