so much apparent nothing

With so much apparent nothing, I confront my personal philosophies surrounding awareness and temporality, by subtly skewing the recognizability of familiar materials and imagery.

Compelled by desire to indulge in the sensation of touch, I am drawn to materials that share qualities of viscosity and malleability. This exhibition incorporates images of crusty snow, neon green traffic cones, and a continuous video of boiling sugar, with the tactility of vaseline, wax, and glass. Each element shares an ambiguity and contains the residue of touch.

The title so much apparent nothing is taken from Sarah Manguso’s “Ongoingness: the end of a diary.” Manguso describes recognizing her futile attempts to preserve every experience of her life by keeping a daily diary for 25 years. Realizing that it’s the surrounding empty time, so much apparent nothing, that fills the space of one’s life between the memorable events.

With this quiet installation, I hope to call attention to small sensations. To allow some time to slow, and then go on.
1. Glass
2. Wax
3. Petroleum jelly
4. Large format paper print
5. Projector
6. Video
MFA Thesis Exhibition
Anderson Gallery
Richmond, VA

©emily mcbride 2023