alternate closures

Influenced by my surroundings, my daily routines and commutes, and the visual noises in my periphery, this new collection of work is inspired by the I-35W highway construction in Minneapolis spanning from Fall 2017-Fall 2021. When living in the city, construction is commonplace, ongoing, an inconvenience that quickly becomes the norm. The safety signs and fluorescent colors blend into the urban landscape. By altering material and surface I intended to transform a mundane scenery of daily commute into an unfamiliar curiosity. This installation is an ode to the debris, the bridges that stood for decades, the machines that tore them apart, and the bright colors and patterns that shroud the asphalt and concrete as they make way for more.

These projects represent a significant undertaking in building better roads and a multimodal transportation system that supports a growing economy and a stronger community.

-MN Department of Transportation
1. Glass
2. Large format paper print
3. Asphalt
4. Electrical cords
5. Aluminum
6. Vinyl
Solo Exhibition
Foci MCGA Gallery
Minneapolis, MN

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